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Q) I would love to have you do my hair and makeup for my wedding and my wedding party. What do I need to do?

A) A trial is highly recommended so that we know exactly what to do on your special day. Decide what days you are available for a trial and contact us to set an appointment. A non-refundable deposit (which goes towards your balance)  is required in order to book us for your special day. We will both sign a contract and go over the details for your event date!

Q) What happens at a trial? What do I need to bring? Where do we have it at?

A) At your trial, we will go over hair and makeup looks you like and try your favorite on you. We will go over all the little details of your event day, including total people that will need a hair and/or makeup artist, a time everyone needs to be ready by, the location of your event, etc. We will both sign a contract and your deposit amount will be due. Please bring any magazine clippings or pictures you find of styles you want to try.  We will do your trial at either a location of your choice or at our Livermore location. A trial usually is about 90 minutes.Your deposit covers your trial AND reserving your date.

Q) I'm not sure how many people will want their hair or makeup done for my event, but I still want to book you. When do I need to know by?

A) We will need a final headcount 15 days before the event day. If more people are added, a deposit for half of the additional total amount must be paid. Any additional people that would like to add services on the actual day are subject to a rate change and may not receive any special rates or promotions.

Q) I usually tip my regular hairstylist, what is the proper etiquette for tipping my artist on my wedding day? Are tips included in your rates already?

A) Gratuity is NOT included in our rates. We leave it up to you! A tip is not required but is always greatly appreciated!

Q) Do you have any special group rates?

A) Yes! Please visit our rates page for this info. If you have a group of 15 or more, please inquire. 

Q) Should I wash my hair on the day of my event?

A) We usually prefer you wash your hair the day before the event. The artist will let you know if she/he prefers different. 



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