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Makeup Classes

JTGlamour now offers makeup classes to groups as well as personal one on one courses. All classes are 30-45 minutes of instruction, plus an additional 15-30 minutes of guided application and questions .Rates include one-two products (per person) to use during the class and take home. Products vary depending on the subject chosen. Groups of minimum 5 or more only. Travel fees vary.



Basic Eye Technique   $65 per person      

Discover the art of applying eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, and false lashes for a basic, natural look. Learn how and when to use different textures and types of shadow, brushes, and eyeliner. Master how to apply false lashes once and for all! For each person, this class includes one pair of reusable false lashes and glue . Students are asked to bring their own tweezers and mascara. This class is perfect for a girls night in party or bachelorette night! 75 minutes total.

Advanced Eye Technique     $85 per person   

Master the art of turning a basic eye look into a smoldering, sexy and sultry design. See how to use a mixture of shadows, liners, and lashes to create the perfect dramtic eye. Learn new ways to use ordinary brushes and how to shape and fill brows to compliment your new eye look. Discover highlighting tricks for the face to bring out your new eye look. For each person, this class includes one black eyeliner and an eyeliner brush. Students are asked to bring their makeup brushes and mascara. This class is perfect to pair up with our Basic Eye Technique class (discount applies). 75 minutes total.


Personal Makeup Classes   

Personal Makeup Classes are offered during the week and on some weekends, and we work one on one with you for up to 3 hours. Classes are held in Livermore and refreshments are included.

Basic Makeup Technique                               $85 per hour*  

Learn basic makeup and application, including eyeshadow, liner techniques, blush, etc.  Discover how to properly use makeup brushes and other tools, how to care for your makeup and brushes, how to quickly apply false lashes (finally!) and see what size lashes work best for you. Learn about the different textures and finishes of makeup and when are where to place each product. See how to use primers on skin and eyes, and where to buy to best primers. See how to properly use the makeup you already own, and get suggestions on what products to add to your collection.

Advanced                                $110 per hour* 

Uncover the secrets to turning a natural look into a flawless, impeccable, makeup design. Learn how to contour, highlight, and perfectly sculpt the face. Take a natural, everyday look and bump it up in less than 10 minutes. Get tips on applying top AND bottom lashes as well as the best liner techniques to shape your eye . See how to master the smokey eye, carve the most defined brows and create a lusious pouty lip. Learn the secrets on purchasing the highest quality products for a fraction of the cost! Take your makeup skills to the next level!


*Travel fees may apply


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